The Code

There’s a Pickup Hockey Code

There’s a Pickup Hockey Code in Canada. If you live by it, you come to the rink without a chip on your shoulder. You always show up for the games and don’t let your team down. You have a long list of reliable goaltenders that you can call on in a pinch. You can pick two teams that are balanced when others will have nothing to do with the job. You always have a dark and white sweater in your hockey bag. You bring your own water bottle. You ask the rink attendant politely for pucks when your teammate has forgotten the pucks. You ask the rink attendant to open lost and found so that you can borrow a helmet or gloves for a teammate who forgot his.

You use a hockey stick that costs more than (you know). You can and will play either forward or defense because no one else will play defense. You don’t take a slap shot that might hurt one or your buddies. You don’t intentionally check your opponent teammate. You don’t hog the puck even though you could go end to end. You are modest about your highlight reel goal when your teammates talk about it. You are relieved that no one got hurt during your game. You don’t talk about your age and your ailments. You don’t talk about your wife or girl friend in the dressing room. You will tell the truth about your stitches, scars or bruises when people ask.

You respect the rink attendant. You help the rink attendant flood the ice by moving the nets. You spend quality time with the rink attendant listening to his problems and his philosophical points of view. You don’t leave your dressing room looking like a pigsty.

You dry your hockey equipment after every game and wash all the clothing articles that you can. You are with the last ice group playing in the spring before the ice is taken out for the summer.

You play with a great bunch of guys; guys who stick together year after year. You have fun playing hockey.