This book is dedicated to all who play pickup hockey and, who given enough time, energy and help, could easily write a book like this one. As you read this collection of pickup hockey memories and anecdotes, you may think, “been there, done that.”  Our experiences are almost national if not universal.


A pickup hockey team is not part of an organized league, there are no referees, no stats are kept and there is no scorekeeper. Most pickup teams are organized by a small group of guys for the love of the game. They will gather enough players, usually 20 skaters and 2 goaltenders, by invitation, so that the group is closed and they own the ice-time. Some rinks offer off-peak hours for ‘shinny’, a kind of pickup hockey that is open to all

Pick Up Hockey presents experiences in the arena, suggests how to pick teams, how to play with few players, how to know when to quit playing with the younger group, acknowledges that the end will come and much more.

Bryan Patterson is a practicing nuclear power engineer who finds the time to play pick up hockey three times a week. He had lots of help with ideas for this book from his hockey playing buddies.

The following is the Table of Contents

Introduction 7
Equipment 16
The Stick 29
Choosing Teams 34
Rules for Pick Up Hockey 45
Hockey Warm-ups 52
The Game 57
Not Enough Players? 64
After the Game 68
Who Runs the Team? 79
Personal Health and Injuries 84
Heart Attack Article 92
Hockey Heart Study 99
Ultimate Pick Up Hockey 103
Be Good to Your Arena Attendant 109
Skate Sharpening 113
Playing with Younger Players? 116
The Goalie - by Murray Goodman 124
Pick Up Hockey - Goaltending Advice - by Eric Davey 132
Hockey Nutrients 135
Year-End Dressing Room Party 139
Professional Pick Up Hockey Player 141
Tennis Elbow 144
Pick Up Hockey Wives 146
Pick Up Hockey Nicknames 149
Goalie No-show 154
Pick Up Hockey Protocols 158
Things You Will Never See In Pick Up Hockey 162
Pick Up Hockey Post Season Play 165
Pick Up Hockey Larger Ice Surface 168
Pick Up Hockey Workouts 171
The Christmas Game 173
Stupid Tricks 175
Trophies 179
Private Practice 181
Why won’t they wear hockey pants? 184
Pick Up Hockey End of Career 188
Bonus Material 191
Pick Up Hockey Code 191
My Hockey Journal 193
There’s a Pickup Hockey Code 217

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