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Many of you Pick Up Hockey Players are fathers or grandfathers. This web page is provided to swap stories, especially funny stuff, about our children, grandchildren and hockey. Here is a story.

Caleb’s parents are dressing him on the kitchen floor for hockey. He says, “I don’t like hockey. But, I like to play it.” There is still hope for him dad. He could make a good Pick Up Hockey Player some day. Caleb is 5 years old.

Caleb opens his Christmas present from Grandpa Christmas morning. He knows that Grandpa likes hockey and he says, “I hope this isn’t something to do with hockey.” His Grandpa knows that there is more to life than hockey. That’s okay Caleb.

Josh is 6 years old and his papa is teaching him to shoot forehand and backhand shots. He is a natural little athlete. He says, “I don’t need to do that papa, I know how to do that.”

Saturday was Grandpa’s day to take Caleb to hockey. His dad put a car seat in Granpa’s car and away we went. How do you answer the question after every question “Do you know what?” We got there on time and finished dressing by putting on the skates, neck guard, helmet and gloves, hung the hockey bag up on a clothes hook and away he went. Saturday was picture day. We got 4  hockey cards, 3, 5×7’s and a group picture. He wanted to see them immediately after coming off the ice.  Instead of undressing in the warm dressing room of the coldest rink in N.B., he wanted to go out to the stands, with his friends. Okay. We did that. The hockey pictures were in the hockey bag. He got changed and I let him take the pictures wrapped in a clear plastic envelope (with one end open). We would look at them in the car. We were careful with the pictures in the car, but Grandpa can only do so much from the front seat. He pulled the pictures out and offerred me a 5×7. I said that I wanted a small hockey card picture. There weren’t any. We were a half mile from the rink and had to go back. Maybe the hockey cards fell out while walking to the car. We retraced our steps back to the stands; nothing. Maybe someone picked them up. Then the light came on; maybe they are in the hockey bag. Sure enough, the 4 hockey cards were there. That was a close one. Grandpa might have lost his priviledges with the hockey playing grandson.
It was so inconvenient to get Caleb to hockey on Saturday so the decision was made not to go. Caleb says, “Is it okay if I miss?” Off he went to play by himself.
The Next Saturday
I met Bob at the rink while watching my hockey playing grandchild.  Bob stations himself at the heavy, large door to the ice surface and ensures that the little people get on and off the ice without jaming hands, arms and legs.  Bob has three boys who all play hockey. The first two are 22 and 19 years of age. The little guy on the ice is ……….. 5 years old. A little miracle boy that enables Bob to go through the whole hockey experience again.  Bob is 54.  How to go Bob. See you at the rink.
Josh’s Rink

Getting the nets in place

Getting the nets in place

Six-year old Josh has been skating since he was two and dreams of some day playing for the Sea Dogs at Harbour Station. His grandfather has been building the rink every winter for the past four years and the whole clan thoroughly enjoys skating on their backyard ice surface. The mini nets can stand a full slap shot and hardly move.
My Hockey Day in Canada

My Hockey Day in Canada began on Thursday, February 16th with a drive to Moncton in a blizzard. Brent and I left Saint John about 1 PM. The weather was terrible. The wet snow was such that ice built up on the windshield and lifted the wipers off the glass. Following a transport truck you could barely make out the taillights through the mess on the windshield. We must have stopped 10 times to clean the wipers. It looked like they were making ice cubes.

We were off to the 30th Monctonian Hockey Tournament. We were scheduled to play at 5:30 PM. The drive normally took an hour and a half. This time it took an extra hour. We got to the Motel, checked in and left for the 4 PLEX. We won that game but lost the Friday 9:30 AM game. We drove home after the Friday game because of the short drive and the weather was a lot better.

We I finally got home and relaxed my son called at 12 midnight.

Are you going to Harbour Station at 7:00 AM? My grandson was to play in the Tim Bits tournament. They drew the first 2 games of the day. This was great. It couldn’t be better except that I should be in bed asleep by this time. Our Monctonian game was at 12:30 AM Saturday. Now I would get to see both Tim Bit games. Both of Caleb’s games finished by 9:00 AM. I got the customary videos’s and pictures so I took off. I did see his metal hanging on his neck.

Throughout the first game Caleb seemed to skate aimlessly around the ice no matter where the play was. He would line up for faceoffs and then begin his skate. However, in the second game he got on the ice unbeknowns to me. I didn’t have my camera running and I said “I think he just scored.” There was no replay but he was in front of the net at that moment. Right after the goal, he skated up to his goaltender and told him something. Then he skated to his bench and told the coach something. Then he skated to other end and told the on ice coach something. The coach gave him a high 5. He had told everyone “I scored a goal.” I got all of that on tape. Really cute.

We got to Moncton and won our Saturday game and played in the Championship game on Sunday. We lost that game in the first 5 seconds of overtime. Oh well, it was a great Hockey Day in Canada weekend. Did you remember Valentine’s Day the previous week?

Moncton 4 on 4 Road Hockey Tournament
As I said in my Blog, I set up my shelter,my display table presenting my book and a mini hockey net and plastic shooting surface and waited for people to drop by and buy my book. However, the mini hockey rink stole the show.
A lot of pre teens and some teens dropped by to look and take a couple of shots.  A little 4 year old hockey player came by and had a great time playing with the mini-net. His quickness with his hands and his slapshot were impressive. My guess is that he played on the plastic surface for over an hour. He looks like he will be a ringer if he keeps it up. He worked at it with a passion. His parents and uncle brought their lawn chairs and pulled up to chat and watch the show. I got a bit of a workout also by feeding the little guy the balls and pucks.
This is exactly the response to the mini rink that I had always hoped for during my many attempts at designing better and better models.

Mini Net & Plastic Shooting Surface

Mini Net & Plastic Shooting Surface

A separate website page will soon be dedicated to ‘How to make your own minnet’. Come back soon and learn how you can build your own basement hockey practice equipment.”
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