Welcome to Pickuphockeygame.com, home of the published book Pick Up Hockey - - Insights on Playing the Game and a resource for all those who enjoy this wonderful game.  The author of the book and owner of this site is Bryan Patterson - a huge fan of pickup hockey.

bryan-photoBryan Patterson is a practicing nuclear power engineer who finds the time to play pick up hockey three times a week. He had lots of help with ideas for this book from his hockey-playing buddies.

Pickuphockeygame.com is intended to provide a forum for Pick Up hockey players to discuss all aspects of Pick Up hockey presented in the book, and more. Our discussions can take place through the Blog.  Discussion material is provided in the Free Chapter, “How do you know when you should be done playing with younger players?”

Many of you Pick Up Hockey Players are grandfathers like Bryan so, we have provided a web page to swap stories, especially funny stuff, about our grandchildren and hockey.

A photo gallery captures shots of Pick Up Hockey Players. Send us a photo if you would like it to be posted on our web page.

Let us know what you think of the Pick Up Hockey Code. Do you abide by The Code?

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