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Playing with more than 10 Players
- Go through the lines -
Do you allow more than 10 players per team? Do you send the 21st skater home disappointed because s/he was the last to show up? Was s/he a friend or regular member of the group? Do you have a spares list for your pick up hockey? Do the guys get their noses out of joint when there are more than 10 players on the bench?

Don’t be confused by extra players turning up for a game. Work it out and educate the guys. Don’t send the 21st and 22nd players home. You can use them. You will want them to show up when your numbers are less them 7 or 8 a side. You should want them to show up if you realize that the game is so much faster with 10 (or more) on your team. Don’t kid yourself. when you have a short bench, you energy drops off and the game slows down as the game goes on. If your pick up hockey group is a prepaid paid-up group, not drop-in, then you want 22 players on the roster anyway. Twenty-two players are needed to keep attendance high and cover for guys sick or on vacation.

Here is how you do it - Go through the lines. .Use the following scheme. Have the extra player or players go through the lines.

If there is one extra player, s/he can go through both forward lines and even the defense lines if they can play defense.

If there are 2 extra players, then one player can go through one line and the other player can go through the other line.

The benefits are great. Everyone gets a rest. The speed of the game is maintained. The lines are kept together so that guys get to know where their line mates are going to be. The line chemistry is kept. I hate going in one door and out the other. Talk about confusion. In drop-in hockey, I just love it when the other team uses that scheme for line changes. I then try to organize our team into lines to give us the advantage. It always works.

Follow the diagram below to make your line changes.

The extra player, 11, sits out first. S/he will go through line 1 first. When the first line comes off s/he just says “okay, who is sitting out?” That player then sits out until the first line again goes on the ice. Some guys like to play stupid and they will try to go out with the second line. Don’t let it happen.

Someone has to take charge on each bench. Vote the guy off the island if s/he is too stubborn to cooperate. You don’t need them. They don’t get it.

The diagram below is an image. Right click on it and save it. Save the image to your picture file. Then find the file with the search function and right click. Click Open With - Windows Picture and Fax Viewer Now you can prnt the image. Give a copy to everyone on the team. Good luck.

Go thru the Lines

Go thru the Lines