Journal for August 23

August 24, 2012

Played at Harbour Station again. This is a Thursday game with our regular season group that plays at 4:15 PM. There were 8 a side tonight. Very fast game. I never saw the dark team play so well. Every pass clicked and they scored a lot. We came back by the end of the game. We got the last couple of goals; but not sure we tied it up.

Got the Beta Blocker straightened out tonight. Average Heart Rate was 104 and Maximum was 131. Felt a lot better than Tuesday night. Feel stronger and breathe a whole lot better. Legs hold up longer. Not sucking air on the bench.

I played D the first half and F the Second half. Same strategy as Tuesday night. Got puck stolen from behind while on D in front of the net; again. They didn’t score, but got to clear that puck quickly. No trying to control it because they are in your crease; behind you having come out from behind the net. I hate that.

Need to work on, that is, think when coming back into our end. Okay, so I am the last man back after fore-checking up front. But what is happening is the dark team gets set up for passing in our end and I confess I watched them at least twice. I can definitely get back there and mix it up with their forwards by getting between their man and the net even though we are around the circles. I’ll make this a playing point for next game.

Had another game at 8:30 at another arena with our summer group. Went over and collected money from the walk-ons. It worked out to be 8 a side without me. Besides, one of the guys forgot his pants so I loaned him my girdle and shell. I put him on the white team. They needed a good D. Then went and watched my kid play guitar for the Alpine Country Star contest on the Boardwalk. I got my exercise for the day. Broke a rule of resting a day between games. Got 15k on the bike Wednesday evening. Felt okay though. I could have played the second game.

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