Journal for August 21

August 24, 2012

Now playing two more times a week; Tuesdays and some Thursdays. This is the start of one of our regular season groups. We play at Harbour Station in Saint John, New Brunswick. There were 9 a side tonight. Good game. Basically tied. White versus Black. Same teams each week.

I played D the first half and F the Second half. Being an older player, I love this strategy. I believe that the best defense is a good offense. Therefore, one of the younger guys plays F the first half and then switches with me for the second half. Look what happens. Younger legs back on D for the second half. It gives me a chance to skate more and I like to fore check the three dark team D; who I know very well. Love it when we knock down one of their passes and get a 2 on 1.  Our white team usually finishes strong. I love it.

Forgot to take my Beta Blocker until 35 minutes before we went on the ice. Avg Heart Rate was 128 and Maximum was 158. Not the best. I usually take the pill 2 hours before and have Avg HR of 106 and Max 135. Got to pay attention to this. Basically played okay. Got to get my passes away sooner on D. Basically in scrambles around the net, a pass will come out from behind the net, in front, shot, puck drops in crease or a few feet in front because you block it; by that time the guy who passed it has moved to the front and can hook you or knock the puck off your stick. I think that I will us the “Mighty Ducks Movie technique for a while; just bash the puck away and don’t try to control it.

I am wondering if my sticks are too light or I am not holding it tight enough on quick shots in front of their net. The puck caremed off my stick twice; missing the net. Basically okay with my play.

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