Journal for August 9

August 10, 2012

This was the first of two weeks with two back to back games scheduled. Great turnout. Again there were two walk on’s, both ringers; but I put them on separate teams. Did I mention that I make up the lines using a Spreadsheet that you can find on these blog pages. The Macro that I use was developed by one of the engineer players. It allows me to designate ringers, second string and third string player skills. For this summer, we have 10 ringers, 8 second string and 4 third string. However, I have to adjust the teams slightly when players don’t show up and when walk on’s do show up wanting to play. I think it beats everyone playing on the same team every game; which seems to happen in the winter with this group. It also ensures that we get to play with other guys because the program uses a random number generator to select the balanced team. I’ve used it for the last 7 years or so. I publish the line ups in two stages. The first line up is for 3 games. I call it boot camp tryout games. I guess at skill levels. Then I publish the remaining 10 game lineups all at once. Because of the random aspects, I do check for real unbalances. For example, 4 of the guys play on the same team in a commercial league. Well, guess what? We don’t need to set it up so that they have a practice specially for them. The other team would never touch the puck. Ha.

The games to 3 were great; but the dark team did win 3 games. For the last 10 minutes, I dropped back on D and had one of our ringers play up front with two other ringers. Hey, It was a power play. We scored 4 unanswered goals with ticktack passing plays. Isn’t that the way to play hockey. Move the puck. It was great. Another fast game. Our white team did have trouble scoring again; except in the last 10 minutes. Avg Heart Rate 109; Max 136. This 136 maximum number keeps popping up.  I think it is just about right for me. Felt good; strong; skate well; hard; forechecking and backchecking. In the next Journal entry, I will review my performance check list that I introduced several blogs ago.

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