Journal for July 25

August 10, 2012

Played a great game. Played Right Wing. Skated well. Scored one goal; at the net; off a rebound. Okay, maybe it was a so called garbage goal in the blue paint. I’m not proud. They all count. Receiving passes tonight was no problem. Very close games to 3. We play a game to 3 goals and then the skaters switch ends. We get the other Goaltender. This way, one Goaltender doesn’t continue getting pummeled if the teams are not quite even. I skated well; up on the play with the kids. Well hydrated before the game. Not breathing hard on the bench. Maybe I should be backchecking more and working even harder than I am. I think that a lot of my game is play away from the puck. The kids like to carry the puck; end to end.

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