Journal for July 11, 2012

July 12, 2012

Second Summer Hockey Game.

This Journal entry is a little different. I took the Extend Your Hockey Career table and have just included EYHC 17 to 30. I am satisfied with the first 16 items.

EYHC 17  Practice at home - ?. I went 1km on bike after I took it out of car. I don’t really dare work out day of game. Be too exhausted. Did work on My Hockey Practice Facility (MHPF) for 1h.

EYHC 18 Stay in shape- ? Working on it. Broke the 180 barrier Monday. Didn’t breath hard on bench. With extra weight; I have had to use about 4 breathing techniques to get my wind. I have to say that losing weight is working.

EYHC 19 Extending Your Career – Basic Hockey - Think Hockey - ? More thinking tonight. Played RF whole game. Figure I made some good passes.  Sent guys in alone several times. Only 1 shot. Should have scored. Shoot quicker. Get the puck up. GT was recovering from a scramble.  Played with 2 young fellows; great.

EYHC 20 Make yourself available for a pass - ? Did and made several breakout passes.

EYHC 21 Support the puck - ? 3RD Man in several times.

EYHC 22 Know what you’ve going to do if you get the puck - ? Did that.

EYHC 23 Use the pass option first and often - ? I mostly do this.  Carried puck in over line about 3 times. I try to get the puck to the kids. They want it and are moving.

EYHC 24 Don’t get in harms way - ? No problem. Guys are good. No collisions; No one knocked down tonight even with the game as fast as it was.

EYHC 25 Play in certain areas of the ice - ? Went to the front of net and waited for shot. It usually hit the GT. Guys need to get puck on net; low. Didn’t really get a tip or rebound chance.

EYHC 26 Play certain positions - ? On RW whole night. 4 guys wanted to play D. So, I didn’t have to.

EYHC 27 Goal Tender – This is for GTs. They were on their game tonight. We play games to 3 goals; then switch ends. The GTs stay where they are. I love it. The GTs get even workouts.

EYHC 28 Short Shifts  - ? Worked this perfectly with Ben after 1st 30 minutes. I told my line to not come off when I do and told Ben what I wanted to do. My line had more strength for 1 min or so each shift.

EYHC 29 Off Ice - Dressing Room Talk  -? There were 10 aside tonight. 1 spare played.

EYHC 30 Enjoy Good Health if you have it. - ? Still having fun. Very fast game. Average Pulse Rate 93; Maximum 186!. I have trouble believing that. With avg 93, max should be no more than 125. Maybe the watch has a problem. I will check this out. Hope to bike today.

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