Journal for July 4, 2012

July 8, 2012

You might remember that in my book I suggested that you keep a journal of your hockey games. Well, since I am suggesting that you can Extend Your Hockey Career, I feel that I must keep track of how I am making out extending my hockey career.

We started summer hockey July 4th. It was good to get back on the ice. Nice and cool in the Belyea and the ice was smooth as silk. No one was on before us and the ice had a chance to set up. It is a cold rink anyway.  There were 7 players on each side for that game. A little short if you ask me; especially when there are 22 skaters signed up and paid up. Oh well; more ice time.  I played up front for half the game and then back on D for a few shifts.

I filled out my EYHC Table tick sheet shown in the previous blog article and assessed the check points for the game.  For example: short shifts - how can you have short shifts with 7 aside. Got lots of ice time. When you are playing against 20 year olds, you don’t pinch in on their blue line. I did and got caught chasing them at least twice.  Got to start thinking. Know who is on the ice. When they get the puck in their end, head for your blue line because they will go by you on their way to your net. I got beat near our blue line at least twice.

Didn’t score. Close though when I was up front.  I thought I did well up front.

Another curious thing; My Average Heart Rate was 98 bpm with Max of 116. That is weird. I may have taken a double dose of Metoprolol that I use to slow my heart down. I like the heart rate to be Average 105 or so and Max of 135 or so. That way the engine is revving up well and I feel good. Tell you more after the next game. Got to Think Hockey more.

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