January 19, 2013

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Wow! I am so far behind in keeping my blog up. Playing too much hockey. Played twice a week since August. Having too much fun.


Journal for August 23

August 24, 2012

Played at Harbour Station again. This is a Thursday game with our regular season group that plays at 4:15 PM. There were 8 a side tonight. Very fast game. I never saw the dark team play so well. Every pass clicked and they scored a lot. We came back by the end of the game. We got the last couple of goals; but not sure we tied it up.

Got the Beta Blocker straightened out tonight. Average Heart Rate was 104 and Maximum was 131. Felt a lot better than Tuesday night. Feel stronger and breathe a whole lot better. Legs hold up longer. Not sucking air on the bench.

I played D the first half and F the Second half. Same strategy as Tuesday night. Got puck stolen from behind while on D in front of the net; again. They didn’t score, but got to clear that puck quickly. No trying to control it because they are in your crease; behind you having come out from behind the net. I hate that.

Need to work on, that is, think when coming back into our end. Okay, so I am the last man back after fore-checking up front. But what is happening is the dark team gets set up for passing in our end and I confess I watched them at least twice. I can definitely get back there and mix it up with their forwards by getting between their man and the net even though we are around the circles. I’ll make this a playing point for next game.

Had another game at 8:30 at another arena with our summer group. Went over and collected money from the walk-ons. It worked out to be 8 a side without me. Besides, one of the guys forgot his pants so I loaned him my girdle and shell. I put him on the white team. They needed a good D. Then went and watched my kid play guitar for the Alpine Country Star contest on the Boardwalk. I got my exercise for the day. Broke a rule of resting a day between games. Got 15k on the bike Wednesday evening. Felt okay though. I could have played the second game.


Journal for August 21

August 24, 2012

Now playing two more times a week; Tuesdays and some Thursdays. This is the start of one of our regular season groups. We play at Harbour Station in Saint John, New Brunswick. There were 9 a side tonight. Good game. Basically tied. White versus Black. Same teams each week.

I played D the first half and F the Second half. Being an older player, I love this strategy. I believe that the best defense is a good offense. Therefore, one of the younger guys plays F the first half and then switches with me for the second half. Look what happens. Younger legs back on D for the second half. It gives me a chance to skate more and I like to fore check the three dark team D; who I know very well. Love it when we knock down one of their passes and get a 2 on 1.  Our white team usually finishes strong. I love it.

Forgot to take my Beta Blocker until 35 minutes before we went on the ice. Avg Heart Rate was 128 and Maximum was 158. Not the best. I usually take the pill 2 hours before and have Avg HR of 106 and Max 135. Got to pay attention to this. Basically played okay. Got to get my passes away sooner on D. Basically in scrambles around the net, a pass will come out from behind the net, in front, shot, puck drops in crease or a few feet in front because you block it; by that time the guy who passed it has moved to the front and can hook you or knock the puck off your stick. I think that I will us the “Mighty Ducks Movie technique for a while; just bash the puck away and don’t try to control it.

I am wondering if my sticks are too light or I am not holding it tight enough on quick shots in front of their net. The puck caremed off my stick twice; missing the net. Basically okay with my play.


Journal for August 9

August 10, 2012

This was the first of two weeks with two back to back games scheduled. Great turnout. Again there were two walk on’s, both ringers; but I put them on separate teams. Did I mention that I make up the lines using a Spreadsheet that you can find on these blog pages. The Macro that I use was developed by one of the engineer players. It allows me to designate ringers, second string and third string player skills. For this summer, we have 10 ringers, 8 second string and 4 third string. However, I have to adjust the teams slightly when players don’t show up and when walk on’s do show up wanting to play. I think it beats everyone playing on the same team every game; which seems to happen in the winter with this group. It also ensures that we get to play with other guys because the program uses a random number generator to select the balanced team. I’ve used it for the last 7 years or so. I publish the line ups in two stages. The first line up is for 3 games. I call it boot camp tryout games. I guess at skill levels. Then I publish the remaining 10 game lineups all at once. Because of the random aspects, I do check for real unbalances. For example, 4 of the guys play on the same team in a commercial league. Well, guess what? We don’t need to set it up so that they have a practice specially for them. The other team would never touch the puck. Ha.

The games to 3 were great; but the dark team did win 3 games. For the last 10 minutes, I dropped back on D and had one of our ringers play up front with two other ringers. Hey, It was a power play. We scored 4 unanswered goals with ticktack passing plays. Isn’t that the way to play hockey. Move the puck. It was great. Another fast game. Our white team did have trouble scoring again; except in the last 10 minutes. Avg Heart Rate 109; Max 136. This 136 maximum number keeps popping up.  I think it is just about right for me. Felt good; strong; skate well; hard; forechecking and backchecking. In the next Journal entry, I will review my performance check list that I introduced several blogs ago.


Journal for August 8

August 10, 2012

Avg Heart Rate 100; Max 136. Felt great. Skated well. Play and passing were right on. The white team had two guys play as walk on’s after the game got going and wouldn’t you know it? They were both ringers. This can upset the balance of power. My dark team had trouble scoring. Just couldn’t put the puck in the net. I was ready to make a trade just over halfway through; but our fearless leader wanted to hold on another 5 minutes. He was having fun. However, we did finish strong and started scoring. We outscored them in the in the last five minutes.


Journal for August 1

August 10, 2012

What better way to celebrate New Brunswick Day than to play a game of hockey. My play tonight was almost a repeat of last game. Scored one. One good assist. Skated well. In the game. Felt good. AVg Heart Rate 106; Max 136. I feel and do the best with Heart Rate in this range.


Journal for July 25

August 10, 2012

Played a great game. Played Right Wing. Skated well. Scored one goal; at the net; off a rebound. Okay, maybe it was a so called garbage goal in the blue paint. I’m not proud. They all count. Receiving passes tonight was no problem. Very close games to 3. We play a game to 3 goals and then the skaters switch ends. We get the other Goaltender. This way, one Goaltender doesn’t continue getting pummeled if the teams are not quite even. I skated well; up on the play with the kids. Well hydrated before the game. Not breathing hard on the bench. Maybe I should be backchecking more and working even harder than I am. I think that a lot of my game is play away from the puck. The kids like to carry the puck; end to end.


Journal for July 18

August 10, 2012

I am going to make this entry very simple because I am behind in my Journal. I played disgustingly. I missed about 5 breakout passes. The puck bounced off my stick or is just plain bobbled the puck. I played Left Wing; I really prefer my off wing. That being Right. The passes were hard and sharp from the same young D player. I am so embarrassed.  Solution - get my head into the game. Be ready. Get the angles right. Soft hands.


Journal for July 11, 2012

July 12, 2012

Second Summer Hockey Game.

This Journal entry is a little different. I took the Extend Your Hockey Career table and have just included EYHC 17 to 30. I am satisfied with the first 16 items.

EYHC 17  Practice at home - ?. I went 1km on bike after I took it out of car. I don’t really dare work out day of game. Be too exhausted. Did work on My Hockey Practice Facility (MHPF) for 1h.

EYHC 18 Stay in shape- ? Working on it. Broke the 180 barrier Monday. Didn’t breath hard on bench. With extra weight; I have had to use about 4 breathing techniques to get my wind. I have to say that losing weight is working.

EYHC 19 Extending Your Career – Basic Hockey - Think Hockey - ? More thinking tonight. Played RF whole game. Figure I made some good passes.  Sent guys in alone several times. Only 1 shot. Should have scored. Shoot quicker. Get the puck up. GT was recovering from a scramble.  Played with 2 young fellows; great.

EYHC 20 Make yourself available for a pass - ? Did and made several breakout passes.

EYHC 21 Support the puck - ? 3RD Man in several times.

EYHC 22 Know what you’ve going to do if you get the puck - ? Did that.

EYHC 23 Use the pass option first and often - ? I mostly do this.  Carried puck in over line about 3 times. I try to get the puck to the kids. They want it and are moving.

EYHC 24 Don’t get in harms way - ? No problem. Guys are good. No collisions; No one knocked down tonight even with the game as fast as it was.

EYHC 25 Play in certain areas of the ice - ? Went to the front of net and waited for shot. It usually hit the GT. Guys need to get puck on net; low. Didn’t really get a tip or rebound chance.

EYHC 26 Play certain positions - ? On RW whole night. 4 guys wanted to play D. So, I didn’t have to.

EYHC 27 Goal Tender – This is for GTs. They were on their game tonight. We play games to 3 goals; then switch ends. The GTs stay where they are. I love it. The GTs get even workouts.

EYHC 28 Short Shifts  - ? Worked this perfectly with Ben after 1st 30 minutes. I told my line to not come off when I do and told Ben what I wanted to do. My line had more strength for 1 min or so each shift.

EYHC 29 Off Ice - Dressing Room Talk  -? There were 10 aside tonight. 1 spare played.

EYHC 30 Enjoy Good Health if you have it. - ? Still having fun. Very fast game. Average Pulse Rate 93; Maximum 186!. I have trouble believing that. With avg 93, max should be no more than 125. Maybe the watch has a problem. I will check this out. Hope to bike today.


Journal for July 4, 2012

July 8, 2012

You might remember that in my book I suggested that you keep a journal of your hockey games. Well, since I am suggesting that you can Extend Your Hockey Career, I feel that I must keep track of how I am making out extending my hockey career.

We started summer hockey July 4th. It was good to get back on the ice. Nice and cool in the Belyea and the ice was smooth as silk. No one was on before us and the ice had a chance to set up. It is a cold rink anyway.  There were 7 players on each side for that game. A little short if you ask me; especially when there are 22 skaters signed up and paid up. Oh well; more ice time.  I played up front for half the game and then back on D for a few shifts.

I filled out my EYHC Table tick sheet shown in the previous blog article and assessed the check points for the game.  For example: short shifts - how can you have short shifts with 7 aside. Got lots of ice time. When you are playing against 20 year olds, you don’t pinch in on their blue line. I did and got caught chasing them at least twice.  Got to start thinking. Know who is on the ice. When they get the puck in their end, head for your blue line because they will go by you on their way to your net. I got beat near our blue line at least twice.

Didn’t score. Close though when I was up front.  I thought I did well up front.

Another curious thing; My Average Heart Rate was 98 bpm with Max of 116. That is weird. I may have taken a double dose of Metoprolol that I use to slow my heart down. I like the heart rate to be Average 105 or so and Max of 135 or so. That way the engine is revving up well and I feel good. Tell you more after the next game. Got to Think Hockey more.